What are the aids and subsidies available to renovate a roof?

Roofing renovations are very important to ensure better insulation. This allows for a reduction in energy consumption. Taking into account the relatively high cost of such renovations, but also their positive impact, the state has developed various aids for low or very low incomes. This allows them to live better and do good for the planet.

The need to renovate your roof

In the case of poorly maintained buildings with reduced insulation, the heat losses are made by all the corners. We can count the floor, the walls but also the roof, which alone cause up to 30% of heat loss from a house.

Thus for a better insulation, without forgetting the energy savings that arise from it, it is necessary to make roofing renovations dilapidated and aging.

Since reducing energy consumption is an ecological step, the State intervenes then with the granting of assistance to any person starting work of renovation of roof with with modest or low incomes.

My Renovation Reward

It is a financial aid reserved for modest households and dedicated to roofing renovations that will bring a real change in terms of energy consumption.

Having replaced the Energy Transition Tax Credit, which applies a single credit rateMy Renovation Reward offers a rate calculated according to the energy to be saved following the renovations to be carried out, and of course, taking into account the resources of the beneficiaries. Knowing that in a general way the ceilings applied by the ANAH for these financial aids are :

  • 18 960 €; annual income for low income earners;

  • 14 790 €; for very low incomes.

My Renovation Allowance can be combined with other renovation aids on the reduction of theon of energy consumption. This will allow you to obtain financing to re-roof your house relatively easily since its launch in 2020.

Subsidies and aid from the ANAH

In some cases, it is possible to benefit from financial assistance provided by the National Agency for Housing Improvement, for roof renovation work. It concerns owner-occupiers with modest or very modest incomes.

We can then count on two devices :

  • The Habiter Mieux Sérénité aid, granted in the context of roof renovation work that will subsequently result in at least 25 % in energy savings.

  • The Habiter Mieux Agilité aid is granted for the insulation of converted or convertible attics.

Depending on income, this aid covers either 50% amounts excluding taxes in the case of very low incomes, or 35% in the case of of modest income only.

It can be combined with the Zero Rate Eco-Loan or with Ma Prime Rénov' formerly called "tax credit for energy transition."

Other aids in the context of roof renovation

Besides the aids provided by the ANAH, we can find others always with the aim of lowering the costs of roof renovation work, and thus help citizens to contribute to the ecological approach.

Reduction of VAT

The VAT rate will be reduced for roofing work according to two percentages.

  • The reduced VAT rate of 5.5 % in the case of houses older than 2 years. It will be applied to the purchase of materials, labour and the maintenance of equipment with defined energy performance.
  • Whereas the 10 % is applicable in the case of roof renovation work during an extension that does not meet the Ma Prime Rénov' criteria.

In order to benefit from this reduction, a certificate assigning the conformity conditions of application over 2 years must be provided to the billing professional and any other stakeholders in the project.

Local government support

An exemption 50 or even 100% on the property tax for 5 years following the full payment of your work, can be obtained under certain conditions :

  • Your municipality has voted the deliberation of exemption;

  • You are entitled to the roofing tax credit;

  • Your home was built well before 1989

As you can find other bonuses allocated by the local authority, if you make energy consumption improvements as part of the eco-renovation programme. Details of these grants can be obtained from your local authority or can be found at the ANIL website.

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