What renovations should be made to a veranda?

The word veranda, derived from the Portuguese varanda, originally referred to a covered, lightly structured gallery built around the house to house plants and protect them from the weather. Nowadays, it has a completely different function. A real living roomIt is completely integrated into the house. It brings light to the surrounding rooms and offers a passage to the garden. If you have a former veranda which cannot be used optimally. It is therefore time to renovate it to take full advantage of it.

Renovating your conservatory: renewing the basics

A veranda, even if it is a very small space, brings together different parts to be modified correctly.

The floor covering

Used all year round, a conservatory must have a comfortable floorbut also easy to maintain. There are several floor coverings that can be used in this case.

  • Natural floor coverings for a more natural look rustic warmth ;

  • Mineral coatings for long-term resistance;

  • Synthetic coverings for a modern look.

The frame of the veranda

For the structure of your veranda you can choose between the following materials. Knowing that for any extension, some alterations to the building will be made.

  • Aluminium is particularly strong and light. It offers more space for the glazing and is almost maintenance-free;

  • Wood gives character to the house. However, it requires maintenance to keep its shape and solidity;

  • The iron, gives an industrial side and can be installed in veneer only during a renovation of veranda;

  • PVC is intended for small pockets and does not offer enough space for glazing.

The ceiling of the veranda

For comfortable year-round use, the traditional glass roof must be replaced and a new one installed. old renovated roof. To do this, using the same material as the roof of the house seems appropriate for a perfect continuity.

The glazing of the veranda

In the heart of the conservatory, the glazing must be carefully selected and according to the standards in force. You can choose between the following materials.

  • Glass, a high-end material that offers perfect transparency. It is available in two versions: double glazing and triple glazing;

  • Polycarbonate, a transparent and resistant plastic suitable for conservatory glazing. But also a very affordable material.

Renovating your conservatory: the accessory features

After a complete renovation of the structure of a veranda and the appropriate choice of glazing. Now it's time for the interior design work to comfort assured.

Renovation of sliding doors

The bay windows with sliding doors are often used for conservatories. However, they do the object of wear and must be changed during a renovation for a clean and pleasant finish.

Introduction of a heating system

To avoid having to resort to a temporary oil bath in winter and a huge consumption of electricity, you should consider extending your heating system or installing underfloor heating in your conservatory.

Installation of electricity

When renovating a veranda, it is nice to think about installing an electrical network up to date. In this way, the pleasantness of the veranda can be combined with various

activities; like working or watching a movie while watching the rain.

Renovating your veranda: administrative procedures and average cost

Like any other renovation or construction, the construction of a veranda requires a declaration or a request for a building permit. Knowing that for an extension of less than 5m2, no declaration is required.

  • Between 5m2 and 20m2, a prior declaration of works is required;
  • From 20 to 40m2 of modifications on a surface of house not exceeding 150m2, a preliminary declaration of work is enough;

  • From 20 to 40m2 and a house that exceeds 150m2 or more than 40m2 of work, an application for a building permit is required.

If your house is next to a classified site, you must seek the agreement of the Bâtiments de France. And if your house exceeds 150 m2 following the extension, you will have to call in an architect.

Concerning the prices, it is necessary to count between 100 and 1000 €; for the renovation of your veranda. Prices vary depending on the materials to be used and the transformations to be made.

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