What work should be done to renovate your pool?

The proper functioning of the technical elements of the pool guarantees you a pleasant and safe swim; it is therefore essential to ensure that they are properly maintained.

Technical renovation of a swimming pool

Some of the most common pool renovations include:

  • renovation or replacement of the pool lining ;
  • the replacement of parts to be sealed such as the discharge nozzles for example;
  • locating and repairing leaks;
  • changing the coping stones and maintaining the joints.

Pool heating and filtration systems

In order to make the most of your swimming pool and spend pleasant moments of relaxation, it is important that the water is at the right temperature, which requires a heating efficient. If you are not yet the owner of a heating system, you should know that there are some very efficient ones today and consume less energy the older models, it is even possible to combine an electric pump from heat to your heating system. For interventions on the heating system, it is strongly recommended that you turn to a qualified professional. The system of filtration is also an important element that must work perfectly in order to keep the pool clean. water own and healthyIt is therefore essential for your health to change it in case of malfunction.

Renovation of the liner and tiles of the pool

The coating of the pool, especially its " liner"is a key element of your pool, so it requires a special interest and must be perfectly maintained. If you notice a small hole of reduced diameter, a clogging is possible with a special, inexpensive kit. However, if the liner is damaged significantly, you must must be the change. The replacement of the liner is quite complicated and requires a certain amount of expertise and quality workmanship. It is quite possible to change the tiling of your pool if it is damaged or no longer to your liking. If it is a number of damaged tiles, you can completely renovate them yourself ; if, however, you wish to change all the tilingThis task should be entrusted to a professionalThis is a time-consuming process and requires a fairly large budget.

Renovation work on a concrete pool

Concrete is an easy material to handle, it allows to numerous changes without causing any inconvenience on the technical side. If your pool is made of concrete, you will not have any problems to work on it. For example, it is possible to transform a standard concrete pool in the pool à overflow. In case of cracks, it is necessary to seal them to avoid water leakage. To do this, the cracks must first be cleaned, an seal foamIt is essential to carry out the renovation of the floor, to put a sealant and finally to apply the appropriate covering. It is essential to proceed with the renovation of the coating painted of your pool every two years. A new coating must be applied first and then painted once it has dried.

It is also possible to carry out other types of work on a concrete pool such ashe change in the linerthe replacement of the system of filtrationthe renovation of the terrace or the modification of its style for a more modern look.

Some renovations may require works disruptive time-consuming and costly, so it is essential to seek the services of a professional who has experience in this area.

Is it possible to renovate shell and wooden pools?

For wooden poolsThe material used is either exotic woodor the autoclave wood. Pools can be above ground or half-buried, which means that the structures surrounding them are exposed to external aggressions such as rain, frost, snow and sunlight. The pool is therefore at risk of cracking and even split Over time, it will need to be renovated. It is also likely that the wood will tarnish over time, but you can easily revive its shine with products designed for this purpose.

However, there are some components of your wooden pool which, once damaged, are irreparable, so you will have no choice but to replace them. For this, it is recommended to ask the advice of a specialist to have a better quality / price ratio.

If you have a shell poolIf you are planning to build a pool, you must call on a qualified professional, as this type of pool requires a certain level of complexity and quality products and equipment, which are therefore quite expensive.

The cost of a pool renovation depends on the extent of works to foresee, thus, the amount of a renovation for swimming pool can vary from 70 à 250 euros per square meter.

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